Story Behind the Song – Everywhere I Go by Tim Timmons

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Praise music connects you to a real and loving God with a message of faith, hope, and love. But the story behind the song gives you another message. Tim Timmons explains the message you hear in Everywhere I Go. The song Everywhere I Go as written with two of my great friends Paul Mabry and […]

Story Behind the Song – “I Surrender”

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The weekend praise music you enjoy on KAVX contains a story behind every song. Like the song I Surrender from All Sons and Daughters. One of the cities that we went to last summer on our two-week journey to Europe was the city of Assisi in Italy. And we studied the life of a man […]

Story Behind the Song

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As you listen to the praise music each weekend, you’ll hear the song You Come Running by Travis Ryan. Travis explains the story behind the song. You Come Running is a song that I wrote with Brian Fowler and Matt Hooper. Matt Hooper and I co-wrote We Believe together and this was our first time […]