Christ Centered through the 30 Day Challenge

Christ Centered

Listening to KAVX is like walking into a room and straightening a crooked picture – it centers you! Listening to KAVX centers you in Christ. Christian teaching and talk programs your mind and heart and helps shut out the problems of work or school. It helps heal relationships and bring you closer to Christ. Taking […]

Getting Centered

Getting Centered

Does a crooked picture on the wall bother you? Do you find yourself walking over to it and straightening it up… taking a step back and then adjusting it again? When something is off center, it’s annoying until it’s made straight. How about your life? Are you “Christ-centered”? or just a little off center. A […]

We’re Here for You!


No matter what happens in life you don’t have to feel like you’re alone. If things aren’t going well for you – you have a prayer partner you can trust. When your life is stressed out to the max – you have a friend that understands. As life’s struggles come against you – you have […]