Building Together

Building Together

Building a home requires different materials and skilled tradesmen working together to make a complete structure. Wood and carpenters, pvc and plumbers, wire and electricians, and brick and masons all working as a team – and each a building block. KAVX is just one building block too – working alongside churches, businesses, non-profits and faith-based organizations to […]

Begin a New Year with Prayer

new year

If you look back over the year, you see many changes in government, schools, churches, businesses, and families. Perhaps your church up’d the security practices. Maybe your family underwent drastic changes with a marriage, a newborn, or a death. Changes are part of life! However, one thing does not change – the freedom and need […]

Summertime Events – VBS

0515ter summertime events

One of your most cherished childhood memories… Vacation Bible School. Lots of other kids to make friends with. Learning new songs about Jesus. Snacks and sno-cones. What an adventure that created memories that you carried into adulthood. Share that adventure with today’s children! Get your church VBS listed for free on the KAVX Events Calendar. […]