Clergy Appreciation Month


Clergy Appreciation Month is a special time for you and your church to honor your pastors and pastoral families for their hard work, sacrificial dedication and multiple blessings. Clergy Appreciation is scheduled in October, but your church may observe it at any time that is convenient. Pastors and their families provide a unique service. God […]

Pastor’s Pat on the Back


You should call and give your pastor a “pat on the back” You have a great reason to share your appreciation! Call 800 944 8443 – extension 8 and tell everyone about your pastor. Call KAVX at 800 944 8443 – extension 8. Give your name, your pastor’s name and church and just share a […]

Pat-on-the-back for Pastor


Take time to appreciate the pastoral staff and to pray for them. Give a “shout out” to your pastor by calling KAVX – 800 944 8443 (ext 8 if after hours) Call and share your pastor’s name, church, and how you appreciate them. Many pastors pull double duty by working outside the church at a […]