Pastor’s Pat on the Back


You should call and give your pastor a “pat on the back” You have a great reason to share your appreciation! Call 800 944 8443 – extension 8 and tell everyone about your pastor. Call KAVX at 800 944 8443 – extension 8. Give your name, your pastor’s name and church and just share a […]

Pat-on-the-back for Pastor


Take time to appreciate the pastoral staff and to pray for them. Give a “shout out” to your pastor by calling KAVX – 800 944 8443 (ext 8 if after hours) Call and share your pastor’s name, church, and how you appreciate them. Many pastors pull double duty by working outside the church at a […]

A Pat On The Back

1019pri pastor

Winners list: 1st Grand Prize winner of coffee and donuts for the church staff – Don Schultheis – Lufkin 1st Church of the Nazarene Jeff McDonald – 1st United Methodist in Nacogodoches. Darryl Smith – Huntington First Baptist Don Schultheis – Lufkin 1st Church of the Nazarene Jeremy Yancy – Lufkin 1st Assembly Jeff Moats […]