Take Courage – the story and the song.

Take Courage

Kristen Dimarco explains the story and message behind the song Take Courage. I wanted to sing about the story of Jehoshaphat in the Bible where God said you won’t have to fight in this battle just stand still and watch. And the enemy actually turned on itself and destroyed themselves while they just worship God. […]

Story Behind the Song – No Longer Slaves


Touching your heart every weekend with Praise and Worship… and a story behind the song No Longer Slaves. “No Longer Slaves” was born out of the testimony and story of Jonathan and Melissa Helser’s lives. I saw the picture of the Israelites going through the Red Sea. And it was the moment that they left […]

Story Behind the Song – Everywhere I Go by Tim Timmons

Story behind 3

Praise music connects you to a real and loving God with a message of faith, hope, and love. But the story behind the song gives you another message. Tim Timmons explains the message you hear in Everywhere I Go. The song Everywhere I Go as written with two of my great friends Paul Mabry and […]