Hashtag that Sticky Note


You can win a gift pack during Love that Sticks this year. So let the fun and encouragement begin as you grab yourself some sticky notepads and start sticking your personal style of encouragement for others to read. Take a photo of your Love that Sticks note and post it on the KAVX Facebook page […]

Every song has a story!

every song has a story!

Every song has a story! Kari Jobe shares this story about her new song Let Your Glory Fall. I had a dream that it was raining in this old ancient church. It was a gorgeous church and the water was pure and cleaning the floor and just such a refreshing and peaceful dream. When I […]

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Every day the world challenges your faith in God. KAVX is here to give you strength. As one listener put it… For me, listening to the station for many years now, I continue to be reached. Take the challenge and change your life. It can change your whole world in just the way that you […]