Recently a cruise liner was stranded in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The only power they had were generators. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean without power. No lights! No air conditioning! No hot food! No shower! No plumbing. It’s amazing how life can be semi-normal with a generator. Pray about […]

Stop Everything


Half of the lights going out during the Super Bowl may have been somewhat funny at the time, but it’s really no laughing matter as you well know. You’re familiar with just how inconvenient it is to have the electricity go out right in the middle of cooking, taking a bath, or watching a ball […]

A POWERful Prayer


Just last week it happened again. KAVX went off-the-air for an hour or so. It wasn’t a transmitter problem. It wasn’t a computer problem. It wasn’t a human problem. It was a power problem. The electrical power was disrupted. This gives another reason for you to pray a POWERful prayer. Pray for the GENERATOR PROJECT […]