Final Total

final total

You invested in God’s ministry! You planted a seed: Sharing Hope Changing Lives and Connecting People to a Real and Loving God! The final total was $10,961 a month but on 10/12/2017 – the Final Goal is met! $132, 264! Praise God and Thank you! The work continues to “Change the World… One Life at a […]

The Goal


The goal during the Shareathon Giving Celebration – to serve more people by being real! Real involvement takes strength, determination, and commitment. When you call during Shareathon you have the opportunity to connect someone to a real and loving God through your support. Just a few ways your gift makes a difference: Souls saved. Lives […]

You Did It!

0505pri you did it

Every so often life gives you some good news! The boss walks in and says, “I’m giving you a raise!” Or the neighbor tells you that at the station on the corner they paid 20 cents less per gallon. Well, here’s some good news for you – the Shareathon goal that we informed you about […]