Celebrating Stories of Changed Lives

changed lives

Shareathon – more than a station fundraiser. It celebrates the many ways your gift changes lives. Twila, a volunteer, says, “I feel like that this is the voice of Christ in so many ways to Christ is speaking to rest through the radio. You know times have changed people have changed and He’s going to […]



As you visit PrayerWorks., you’ll see a prayer need for a lost son. There’s another prayer for marital reconciliation. You’ll find prayers for mom’s and dad’s, grandparents, children – all kinds of family members and friends. If you have a loved one that needs prayer then visit PrayerWorks. You can even just share their first […]


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24/7! That’s your access to prayer. Any time, day or night, you can use PrayerWorks and share your prayer request. Praying for your marriage, your children, the neighbors, or just for your day to get better – the place is Prayer Works. Not only getting prayer but giving it. PrayerWorks gives a list of prayer […]