Help Wanted – Help Needed


You probably do some volunteer work at church, at your children’s school – maybe at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. If you do then you have the experience needed to touch and change lives. That’s what KAVX is all about and your help is needed. Call and ask about volunteering. 800 944 8443 There […]

Give This Christmas Away


  What can you expect when you give this Christmas away? You can expect a look of surprise and shock. Then a smile and a bit of encouragement! Download and print out the Christmas Blessing card to hand out to those you bless. That’s exactly how it works! You don’t necessarily have to buy a […]

Lend a Hand


  You’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. She’s wondering how to feed her baby. You’re buying the ingredients for grandma’s mincemeat pie recipe. He’s looking for a way to give something to his children this Christmas. It’s the same holiday season but it looks completely different when seen through two sets of eyes. How can you […]