When you need hope the most!

when you need hope

When you need hope the most KAVX is here for you! A listener gave us this testimony: Listener testimony: I have been in really really severe depression over the last two weeks. The only thing that gets me out of it and then makes me go is listening to the constant reminder that God is […]

It’s been a month!

It’s been a month!

If you began the 30-Day Challenge on New Year’s day, it’s been a month! Hopefully, you keep listening and make it a lifetime challenge. During the course of the month, you changed. Call and tell us about the difference 30 days made. Perhaps you invited someone to take the challenge. As a bystander, what changes […]

Every song has a story!

every song has a story!

Every song has a story! Kari Jobe shares this story about her new song Let Your Glory Fall. I had a dream that it was raining in this old ancient church. It was a gorgeous church and the water was pure and cleaning the floor and just such a refreshing and peaceful dream. When I […]