An Army of Volunteers

an army of vol

Many different people make up the US Army. There are soldiers driving trucks, some cook, others parachute behind enemy lines. You have 3-star Generals and buck privates… those on the front line and those in the rear echelon. All of them make the Army a well-greased, smooth running machine. Shareathon consists of God’s Army of […]

V – O – L – U – N – T – E – E – R!

0911ter volunteer

The word volunteer is an acronym. V…Very special. O…One of a kind. L… for Loving U… Understanding N… Nice T… Terrific E… Easy going E… Extra hard working R… Responsible. Put it all together and it spells VOLUNTEER! You are all those things when you volunteer for the KAVX Sharethon. So please get your very […]

Options to Give


You have options for giving to KAVX. Give your voice as you answer phones and take pledges during Shareathon. You also get an opportunity to minister to the caller. Give your prayers. Volunteer to come to Shareathon and pray for the other volunteers, listeners, callers, and the staff. Give your service. At Shareathon, there’s a […]