Prayer Works!


To say that life is unpredictable is a huge understatement. We never know from day to day, or even minute to minute, just what will happen. Thankfully, we have a Heavenly Father who doesn’t just know what will happen, He has every detail planned out. We know we can trust Him! If life is giving […]

Can We Pray for You?


How can we pray for you? No matter what your need is, God is able to meet it. No matter what your question is, God is able to answer it. Don’t carry the burden alone… We’re here to pray for you! Call 800-944-8443, or click here to visit the PrayerWorks page and tell us how […]

Prayer is Timeless!


Maybe you are just glad 2014 is about over and praying 2015 brings happier times! Whether you’ve lost a loved one or lost a job this year – prayer can bring happier times. And your prayer needs are very important to the staff and intercessors. So how can we help you with prayer? The mission […]