Summer Road Trip Giveaway

0626pri summer road trip

If you missed calling in with your family road trip story and winning a Summer Road Trip gift pack…      then get ready to call because it’s happening again this week. Listen for the KAVX Summer road trip sounder all week. The correct number caller, as announced by the DJ, gets to share a Family Road […]

The Good Steward

0529pri the good steward

Stewardship – Listening to Christian radio with a friend and changing a life. A listener had this to say: “I had a friend tell me something not long ago. She told me she always looked up to me. It’s always been the opposite. I’ve always looked up to her. She said, ‘One day I was […]

Look what God has done!

0227pri look what God has done

In 1985, KSWP signed on the air and you said, “Look what God has done!” The weak signal barely covered Lufkin, where a few listeners began investing time, money, and prayer into it. No one at that time imagined the impact of their support. Their efforts to support the small station paid off as the […]