Making Christmas Special

Making Christmas Special

Faith, family, and friends make Christmas special. Surrounding yourself with joy and happiness makes Christmas special. Remembering that Christmas is about the Birth of the Savior makes Christmas special. So surround yourself with family and friends and invite them to listen to the joy and happiness of the Sounds of Christmas. Old songs bringing back […]

Always there when you need it!

when you need it

When you need that connection to God you find KAVX there for you! Recently a listener said this: What I love about my station is that I get ministered to every day. And wherever I go I can take it with me; at work in the car and when I go visit family in other […]


0626Ter stream

Stream! It once describe a small a small, narrow river or a continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas. You know the meaning as a continuous flow of video and audio material transmitted or received over the Internet. You stream movies to your TV or tablet. You steam viral videos you your device. And you […]