30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Every day the world challenges your faith in God. KAVX is here to give you strength. As one listener put it… For me, listening to the station for many years now, I continue to be reached. Take the challenge and change your life. It can change your whole world in just the way that you […]

30 Day Challenge Story

30 story

Some listeners take the 30 Day Challenge once and become lifetime listeners and friends. They are so convinced that listening shares hope and changes lives – they invite family and friends to take the 30 Day challenge. If you took the challenge, share your story with us at 800 944 8443 or below Did you […]

The Challenge Continues

the challenge continues

This is an actual testimony received at KAVX: A friend of mine suggested that I take the 30 day challenge when I was struggling with addiction. I did so and basically that changed my life. I am clean and sober today. I listen to the radio and I never switched the channel back. it’s been on ever since.  It stays […]