Prayer – a foundation of the ministry!

prayer foundation 0724

Prayer in the name of Jesus – the Foundation in the building of this ministry. We believe in praying for you and your family! Recently a dad called and shared the a prayer need for his daughter, Hartley. “She’s going through some doctors visits and stuff like that right now – has been for a […]

A Vessel For God

0306sec vessel for God

Your body contains over 60,000 miles of blood vessels, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to your anatomy. Without your network of blood vessels… you die.  As you listen to KAVX you hear a different type of vessel!! God uses this ministry to carry His message to vital areas, like your ears, heart, and emotions. He […]

God is in control!

0829sec God is in control

“Lately, we have been hit with some heavy medical bills and unexpected issues.  The Lord keeps reminding us that He is in control not our circumstances and to look to Him for the blessings in our lives.  One of those blessings is this radio station.  We are so thankful to support a ministry that touches […]