A Christmas present to the World

1221sec gift of Christ

The meaning of Christmas… more than sparkling lights and presents. Christ came to this world not to be a hidden treasure to a few, but a Savior to all! How amazing …God uses everyday people like you and me to spread His message of love, hope, and forgiveness. Not too long ago an email from […]

On-Line Listening

1214quad listen online

When you get gadgets or electronics for Christmas don’t forget the best part! Download the KAVX app first thing onto your new iPad, Netbook, Mac, Pc, tablet, or smart phone so you can listen to KAVX anywhere you go. It’s perfect listening while shopping online, jogging, working out, shopping, or sitting at the park. iPhone/iPad […]

A Great Gift Idea!

1207pri kavxgift

You call your girlfriends when you find a great recipe. You compare notes on doctors, hairstylists and teachers. In your crazy hectic world for the next 30 days – try relaxing to Christmas programming and music on KAVX and recommend it to your friends Sing with your kids on the way to town Recommend to […]