New Year’s PrayerSolution


New Year’s is always a time of change. It’s a time to reflect, renew, and reconnect! You will find no better way to start the New Year than with prayer! Prayer changes all things. Instead of a New Year’s Resolution make it a New Year’s PrayerSolution! Whether you want to lose weight or gain Bible […]

Listen for the KeyWord

0118ter keyword

You heard the words Hope. Forgive. Commit. Trust! What do those words have in common? They have been key words of the day. And there are more to come. Keep listening because everyday this month you’ll hear the key word given. Then in the afternoon with Tiki you’ll have an opportunity to call in with […]

Listen for the KEY WORD

0111pri keyword

Listen for the KEY WORD every weekday, all month long. Beginning at 6am a KEY WORD of the day will be announced on the air.. When you hear it… remember it because sometime after 5 in the afternoon you’ll have an opportunity to call in and win a New Year’s Resolution Key Word Prize Pack. […]