Give as a Reach 360 Partner

The best way for you to invest in changing lives, become a Reach 360 partner now! If you become one (1) of the 347 people to donate $30 a month, then you will help sends the message of Christ through KSWP and KAVX to people here and around the world. For about a dollar a […]

We’re Here for You!


No matter what happens in life you don’t have to feel like you’re alone. If things aren’t going well for you – you have a prayer partner you can trust. When your life is stressed out to the max – you have a friend that understands. As life’s struggles come against you – you have […]

What is a Reach 360 partner?


It’s what you become when you give $30 a month into the ministry. Your gift reaches 360 degrees… around the corner or around the world. Here’s a letter that was received from a listener in Japan. Hello! KAVX I’m Kenji Y. from Japan. I like Christian radio very much. Therefore, I’m listening to online radio. […]