Ministry Report


Ministry Report Helping others is important! Your financial support does that by connecting others to a real and loving God through the prayer ministry of KAVX. In 2017, a fraction over 8 people a day asked for prayer. Their needs ranged from healing and finances to deliverance from substance abuse and seeking direction. Over 250 […]

Getting Centered

Getting Centered

Does a crooked picture on the wall bother you? Do you find yourself walking over to it and straightening it up… taking a step back and then adjusting it again? When something is off center, it’s annoying until it’s made straight. How about your life? Are you “Christ-centered”? or just a little off center. A […]

Begin a New Year with Prayer

new year

If you look back over the year, you see many changes in government, schools, churches, businesses, and families. Perhaps your church up’d the security practices. Maybe your family underwent drastic changes with a marriage, a newborn, or a death. Changes are part of life! However, one thing does not change – the freedom and need […]