Up close and personal

up closeand personal

You get up close and personal with God as you continue listening. Andrea said, “I was flipping through the stations one day and found your station and I just left it and I was kind of hooked from there.” When you become a supporting listener your gift helps others connect to a real and loving […]

Prayer Page

prayer page

When your heart breaks because of the lifestyle of someone you love – PRAY! My daughter started living in the world. She was headed on a path of destruction; she was in an abusive relationship and she had moved out of the house. I was praying for her. You don’t need to pray alone. Share […]

Building Together

Building Together

Building a home requires different materials and skilled tradesmen working together to make a complete structure. Wood and carpenters, pvc and plumbers, wire and electricians, and brick and masons all working as a team – and each a building block. KAVX is just one building block too – working alongside churches, businesses, non-profits and faith-based organizations to […]