General Giveaway Rules

Applies to All Contests… For Specific Material Terms… Required by FCC Rules… See Page Specific to the Contest, Promotion or Giveaway. 1. Dates/Terms/Eligibility. Radio stations 90.9 KSWP / 91.9 KAVX / LEBF, Inc. may change the dates and/or terms of the Contest(s) or Give Aways without prior notice. Any material changes will be broadcast on […]

Supplemental Giveaway Rules – Pat on the Back

The complete list of Giveaway Rules are HERE! The following is in supplemental to those rules. Winners list: Kevin Poage – Clawson Assembly Lufkin, Aaron Houston – Kingdom Harvest Lufkin, Derek Hicks – First Baptist Hemphill, Jeremiah Moss – Life Church Nacogdoches Jonathan Deason – Church by Christ Jesus in the Nigton Community. Jeff Moats […]