Giving Celebration & Stories

0413pri goal met changed lives

Once the office completed the tallying for the recent Giving Celebration, the grand total on that Thursday morning stood at $10,855 a month, exceeding the goal by $445 a month. Lives change because of your gift to this radio ministry. So many find hope in the programming. Something else happened during the Giving Celebration – […]

The Best Volunteers!

0404ter thank the volunteers

What a successful Giving Celebration because of your volunteer hours before sunrise until after 6pm. You helped before the Celebration began You answered phones You greeted, prayed, served, cleaned, made coffee, picked up food & mailed letters! Thanks to your volunteer hours, the Spring Giving Celebration became a HUGE SUCCESS! Honor the hard work of […]

It’s a date!

0229pri its a date

We need you for a date. And soon KAVX will ask you to help with that date! A date to pray. A date to laugh! A date to minister! A date to celebrate as you give a few hours, take phone calls, and help with pledges during Shareathon. Your date – April 5th, 6th, and […]