Last Chance

Last Chance

You face quite a few deadlines this month. You need to get all your work done so you can close out the end of the year. There’s Christmas shopping to do. You probably wished you had thought about that back in July! You gotta get the house decorated and the tree up. It seems you […]

Sounds of Christmas


Let the shopping begin! It’s the biggest shopping season of the year. As you shop for that really great deal… here’s a deal for you! Carry KAVX with you wherever you go! Let the Sounds of Christmas fill you with peace and joy as you face the other shoppers. The Sounds of Christmas, beginning Saturday morning […]

The Sounds!


Cooler weather arrives in the piney woods bringing with it many different sounds for you to hear. The sound of colorful leaves letting loose and falling to the ground. The whisper of the pines as the cool breeze blows through the pine needles. You hear the h0nking of geese flying south for the winter or […]