The 30 Day Challenge

liftingweightofworld-fbX105x284At KAVX, your involvement shares Hope that changes Lives.

The Challenge: How to Reach More people.

How? By Inviting others to join you and “Lift the Weight of the World” off of themselves!

Sometimes your weight comes from “habits that hinder” your relationship with God! Sometimes it shows up in bad as bad habits that affect your health, marriage or family.

By taking the 30 Day Challenge, you can focus on God’s voice and let him speak to you as you listen to KAVX – playing the music that points you to God—and do it for 30 days. And tell someone else about your experience!

Fill in the form and let KAVX know what “weightloss” you need help with or how KSWP helped to lift the World’s Weight off of you!

Here’s how YOU can take The 30 Day Challenge:

Here’s the next part of the idea: Invite your family and friends to join you. Help those you love most start the year with a new outlook and a road to a stronger relationship with God.

And we want to hear from YOU… as you Un-Tune the noise and Tune-In to God’s voice.

Share YOUR 30 Day Challenge “God Story” here and use “My 30 Day Challenge” as the title.

We all know the fate of most “new year’s resolutions” but this challenge is more than a resolution, it’s a frame of mind, it’s a lifestyle. This is YOUR 30 Day Challenge. It’s your chance to experience the joy that God puts in your heart through Christian teaching and music.

KAVX is here for you, to support you and keep you uplifted on this journey!

Tell others you are taking the challenge by using these social media images!

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3. Go to your social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and upload the photo!

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Please fill out the form so we will know you are taking the 30 Day Challenge.

You can also share your prayer need for what is "weighing" you down.

Your information is not shared with any other business or organization.

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Why are you taking the challenge?
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The 30 Day Challenge has been inspired by Al Menconi, author of The Christian Music Challenge: Find Peace and Purpose in a Chaotic World. Click here to find out more about Al’s ministry.