The Goal was met! Thank You!

1008PRI SHAREATHON FINALAt 8am on the final day of Shareathon, Thursday, October 8th – THE GOAL WAS MET!!!

Throughout the final day the phones continued to ring and the gifts kept pouring in.

The final total as of 6pm was $8737 a month, exceeding the goal of $6600 a month.

Thank you again for making another awesome Shareathon!

Your gift will connect others to a real and loving God.

If you were able to listen to Shareathon you may have heard the story of Ruby who was thinking about ending it all. But she saw the station advertised on a billboard and tuned in. It saved her life.

You may have heard about a listener in Russia that enjoys the Christian programming. As she listens on her pc it strengthens her faith!

Kevin, an on-air personality, has a sister that lives in Slovenia and listens on her pc too. It keeps her connected “back home” to East Texas.

If by chance you missed Shareathon, you haven’t missed an opportunity to make a difference.

You can give safely, securely, and confidentially online.

Or call 800 944 8443