The Good Steward

0529pri the good stewardStewardship – Listening to Christian radio with a friend and changing a life.

A listener had this to say:

“I had a friend tell me something not long ago. She told me she always looked up to me. It’s always been the opposite. I’ve always looked up to her. She said, ‘One day I was riding in the vehicle with you and you were on KSWP and you were listening to the music and you could sing every single song!’
That was really a life changing moment for her because she wished she could sing all these really good songs.
She started listening! So by my listening it helped my friend get a little bit more on track with her life. She’s started going to church a whole, whole bunch and now we go to church together!”

Although the story concerns our sister station, KSWP… you become a good steward of God’s word through the teaching and talk programs when you share us with a friend and change a life. KAVX