The Power to make a Difference

0523sec difference“My husband was killed in a head on collision on the way to work in January. We would have been married for 2 years this month. He left behind our now 9 month old son. The last few months have been the hardest of my life. I’ve been in the car a lot traveling and I have the radio set to KAVX & KSWP, when the tears are streaming down my face and I’m asking God, why?? A song comes on and reminds me of just who God is. He is the good good Father. I don’t understand, but I will trust Him. Thank you KAVX & KSWP.”

God works through the music on KAVX and you find hope and faith in the darkest of hours.

Your time here – it’s limited.

However, the power to make a difference for all of eternity depends on you.

Thank you for your investment of time, prayer and resources in KAVX.