Transporting God’s Blessings

I listen 24/7…literally! My truck, my home, by my bed when I go to sleep at night, real low. It has got me through dark times, since my husband passed. It gives me a brighter day, a brighter moment.

That’s what a listener said about KAVX!

Everyday your support shares hope that changes lives!

You offer a sanctuary from the world – a place to come, listen, and release your mind from the struggles of life.

You provide a great blessing connecting others to a real and loving God.

That listener continued with this:

God has really blessed me with this station. In return I stepped out on faith and I am a 360 member and I feel like this is MY STATION! I love it!

When you choose to financially get involved, your gift transports the message of Christ’s love to homes, cars, and offices around the world.

Restored hope, changed lives, and strengthened faith all blossom because of you.

Never think you are not making a difference.

If you have not started already – start making a difference with your gift today – safe, secure, and confidential.