Trusting In God

trustingYour faith in God’s provisions leads you to experience Him in new ways.

One of your fellow listeners and supporters said this:

The biggest thing that God has provided so far has been just the trust in him for taking over and surrendering all of my finances to Him.
The biggest thing was taking the step of the 360 partnership last year, not knowing how we were going to make ends meet, but God provided my dream job last year and somehow, you know, that 360 with paid for within that.
Even this year seeing how God moved in that way and knowing that we could trust Him we decided to go ahead and double that! And saw that the Lord was faithful again and not only were we able to double it but we’re actually going to add a little bit onto our pledge. 
 I just want to encourage people that you cannot give God. The Lord is always faithful whenever you surrender and are obedient to Him.

When you trust in God for all things – He never lets you down.

If God leads you to support KAVX… then hold onto that trust.