Who wants to help?

0912pri who wants to helpThere is a volunteer ministry position for you at KAVX.

Krew member, Sharon had this to say about her experience.

I have been listening for about 15 years. A few years after I started listening I decided to volunteer for Shareathon. Because I worked full time I had to volunteer from 6am to 8am.
It was there to be there at the start of the day – praying with the other volunteers, anticipating great blessings from the Lord, and, of course, I can’t forget the coffee and the breakfast that is served.
It is just a good feeling to fellowship with other like-minded Christians and work a great cause which is keep songs and worship available on the radio in East Texas. One of my favorite jobs was volunteering in the prayer room.
We would get prayer requests from callers and pray for their needs.
If we didn’t have any prayer requests, we’d pray for the station and all the workers.

Experience all the joy, happiness, fun and fulfillment of volunteering for the Giving Celebration.

Join in and help, October 4th, 5th, and 6th.

800 944 8443.

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