Why Give?

0328pri why giveWhy join the Giving Celebration and support KAVX?

One listener said,

“We listen to it every day. It is a major part of our lives. And we’ve been listening for years now. We love y’all. Can’t do without y’all!”

Giving changes lives and restores hope to a hopeless world through the music and programming- through the message heard every day.

“If I’m having a rough day it brings me close to God so I can just listen and it changes every aspect. It really does help every day. And it reaches lots of lives.”

You connect people to a real and loving God when you give.

The need of $10,410 in the monthly budget will share hope that changes lives.

Share in the Giving Celebration – April 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Give early – Safe, secure, and confidential.