World’s Smallest Carolers

1113sec wscChildren just naturally love Christmas!

Decorations, lights, cookies, and presents… what’s not to love.

They seem oblivious to the hustle and bustle adults face.

For children… Christmas is simple and fun.

It’s reflected in the Christmas carols they sing – simple and fun.

You get an opportunity to share this child-like view of Christmas when you sponsor one or more of the World’s Smallest Carolers.

$130 gets your name, your church, business, or organization name listed as a sponsor on-the-air on KAVX and KSWP, December 12th through Christmas Day.

Start the holiday’s early this year with your sponsorship.

Call 800 944 8443.

Or fill in the form below and someone will get back with you!

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World's Smallest Caroler at $130 each.The Sounds of Christmas at $300 per day.Caroler and Sounds at $400 each