Stories, Purpose, and Mission


The Giving Celebration always produces stories, a purpose and a mission. Like Angie, a gun shot survivor whose now turned her life back over to God. She became a supporter for the first time today. Or that of a young family that called in and the husband just got his first job out of college […]

Pastor’s Pat on the Back


You should call and give your pastor a “pat on the back” You have a great reason to share your appreciation! Call 800 944 8443 – extension 8 and tell everyone about your pastor. Call KAVX at 800 944 8443 – extension 8. Give your name, your pastor’s name and church and just share a […]

Giving by Faith (not by sight)


What you see with your eyes is walking by sight! What you feel in your heart is walking by faith! A listener called during the Giving Celebration and said, “We found it very hard to donate because things are very tight and we struggle [financially]. We called in and donated $40 a month and God […]