Start Early

0321pri start early

Early means different things to different people. Perhaps early in the morning to you means 5am, where as to someone else it means 9am. And to another person it means 2 in the morning. When it comes to supporting KAVX, early giving means before the beginning of the Giving Celebration on October 4th. Early means […]

Life Changing


Giving… more than a reason… it’s a life changing experience. One listener shared how his life wasn’t going well and he was told about KAVX at his company Bible study. He began listening and now KAVX is all he listens to! Giving is being Jesus the world, as one listener put it, “you may be […]

A Story worth Sharing


Amazing things happen in your life and you know its God. It becomes a story worth sharing. Your testimony encourages, gives hope, and helps others to believe all things are possible. Although KAVX takes your testimony any time, any day, next Monday let’s  honor God with a special day set aside just to share your […]