The Gift of KAVX


You purchase so many gifts in December Seems like there is a party, gathering or special event almost every night Everything has a price tag One Christmas Celebration that requires NO money to enjoy Is Christmas Music You know the difference Christian programming & Christian music makes in your life Any time is the perfect […]

A Sounds of Christmas Weekend

1123pri sounds

The Christmas music you’ve been waiting for begins this weekend! The Sounds of Christmas is Christmas music that you will enjoy! Inspirational music about the Birth of the Savior. Songs about family and friends. Fun songs about sleigh rides and chestnuts. Enjoy the Sounds of Christmas with your family and friends by inviting them to […]

Toys for Tots

1123sec toys for tots

Christmas, toys, and children just naturally go together. But sometimes Christmas, toys, and children don’t get together. You can help change that. KAVX, Manger Network, and Toys for Tots are making the best efforts for children to have toys this Christmas. You can help too! Drop off a new unwrapped toy  – at the KAVXstudio. […]