World’s Smallest Carolers


It’s just about that time! Time to sign up your 4 to 8 year old as a World’s Smallest Caroler! On Tuesday, November 1st , sign up your children as a World’s Smallest Caroler. Only 31 are needed, with a few alternates. The recording session is the next Saturday, November 5th. Plus you have an […]

Pat-on-the-back for Pastor


Take time to appreciate the pastoral staff and to pray for them. Give a “shout out” to your pastor by calling KAVX – 800 944 8443 (ext 8 if after hours) Call and share your pastor’s name, church, and how you appreciate them. Many pastors pull double duty by working outside the church at a […]

Giving and Celebrating Continue


What a fantastic Giving Celebration. In fact the giving AND celebrating continue! On the final morning, Michelle told the story of a business she has been praying for! “I’m praying with her because their business is suffering. It’s the worst it’s been in 24 years! So I tell her ‘Ok, I’m going to pray for […]