A day of Praise & Prayer

0928ter praise and prayer

Sometimes you just have to be reminded about how wonderful it is just to sit back and praise God. Then there are times you have to stop what you’re doing and offer up a prayer. Next Monday is a day that will do both – allow you to praise God and offer up your prayer […]

Volunteer Opportunities


God created you and only you can do what you do, the way you do it. Many that volunteer on The Krew say, “I feel it is important to help others.” “Volunteering lets me learn through direct, hands-on experience.” “Volunteering makes me feel better about myself.” “Volunteering can help me to get my foot in […]

The Goal

0921pri goal

You may think the goal of Shareathon is $6,600 a month. You are partially right about that, at least from a financial standpoint. But the goal is much more than money. It’s about connect people to a real and loving God through Christian radio and on-line streaming. It’s about prayer. It’s about helping meet the […]