It Doesn’t Seem Like Much!

0724prischoolsupplies copy

A couple of pencils doesn’t seem like much, until you’re the only school kid without any. That’s why you’re being asked to donate some basic school supplies – to help children that don’t have any. Other items needed are Notebook paper, spirals, little scissors, glue, pens, and new or used school uniforms are all needed. […]

Eat, Laugh, and Give Honor!

0724cia copy

How would you like to enjoy a delicious dinner of roast beef and twiced-baked potatoes? And combine that with plenty of laughs from special guest Mark Staggs, a Festus impersonator, who calls himself Cletus Hagen, son of Festus. Cletus will be meandering through the crowd, talking with everyone at the Community Impact Awards. He’s harmlessly […]

Have A Blast!

0721terlastblast copy

The last blast has sounded! Congratulations to Wendy, Jo, and Marianna – all of Lufkin, Pam from San Augustine, and Hollie of Garrison! They’re heading to destinations unknown…er…known…as ticket winners in the Last Blast Giveaway. CONTEST RULES: The Last Blast Giveaway will be held from Monday, July 21, 2014 through Friday July 25, 2014. The […]