Who wants to help?

0912pri who wants to help

There is a volunteer ministry position for you at KAVX. Krew member, Sharon had this to say about her experience. I have been listening for about 15 years. A few years after I started listening I decided to volunteer for Shareathon. Because I worked full time I had to volunteer from 6am to 8am. It […]

A Reason to Celebrate

0912sec reason to celebrate

Every day you wake up and worship God freely, you have a reason to Celebrate!  You get in your car and turn on KAVX, you have a reason to Celebrate!  Every answer to a prayer, you have a reason to Celebrate! “I’ve been listening to y’all for a while. And one of the first times  […]

Calendar of Events

0418ter events

Fall approaches and the time is right for Fall Festivals, fundraisers, and indoor/outdoor events. The go-to place to get information on family events is the events calendar. You’ll find fundraisers and concerts; bake sales, garage sales, a few school events and much more. The events calendar just happens to be a great place to get […]