Making a Difference

0808pri make a difference

A listener recently contacted KAVX and said, I listen 24/7…literally! My truck, my home, by my bed when I go to sleep at night, real low. It has got me through dark times, since my husband passed. It gives me a brighter day, a brighter moment. Everyday your support shares hope that changes lives! You […]

You Need God’s Peace

0808sec Gods peace

“Listening to the station helps calm my road rage! It helps me to remember to let God’s peace fill my life.” KAVX helps you whether you are raising your voice in praise, thanksgiving, joy, sorrow or prayer. KAVX changes your outlook on life. Instead of focusing on the negative, your focus is on God’s great […]

Share Your Story

0808ter storyline

Life is full of broken relationships and people apart. Jesus told stories that helped bring people together and heal relationships. Stories are important because they bring people together, and develop relationships. We’d love to hear your story! Tell us what God is doing in your life. Sharing your story gives others hope that God can […]