Celebrating with Stories of Giving


Stories became the centerpiece of the Giving Celebration. Like the story from Arik. He really didn’t have the money but while listening to the Giving Celebration he heard the need for a $100. He stopped by the station and dropped off a $100 bill. Then he went to Lowe’s to get supplies for his building […]

Thank You for Your Step of Faith


You took that step of faith and called during the Giving Celebration. If you signed up for Easy Giving, you made a great decision. The ease of giving every month frees you from remembering or worrying. It is important to call if you have any questions about your gift to KAVX. You are able to […]

Volunteers Make the Difference!


Volunteers made the Giving Celebration successful. Volunteers arrived before dawn and often left at dusk. Answering the phones, praying, and hospitality are all essential volunteer roles at the Giving Celebration. In addition, behind the scenes a few more stuffed envelopes, made phone calls, and helped in the office area. Thanks to your volunteer hours, the […]