A Week of Celebrating!


It’s a week of celebrating! A week of Giving Praise to God! As one listener shared, “I used to be an atheist, but thank God for your station because without it I don’t think I would have turned my life over to Christ. I just wanted to call and say “thank you” for bringing my […]

Connecting To God


Your pledge during the Giving Celebration connects others to a real and loving God. A listener shared this: Finding your radio station has just been a blessing in my personal life and finding you guys has just brought me closer to God. Another had this to say: This radio station means so much to me, […]

Stories of Change


Listen for stories during the Giving Celebration. These stories show the importance of your gift. Stories about changed lives! Listen how she has been through dark times since her husband passed away and KAVX has been with her all the way. A delivery truck driver feels like he’s “visiting another church” when he drives into […]