The Power of Touch!

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Here’s another reason to pray for and support 91.9 KAVX. It’s the “touch” factor. Touching lives with Christian music. Touching hearts with God’s word. Touching families with hope. Touching moms with encouragement. Touching dads with strength. Touching you with peace, joy, and Love. Touching lives with the message of Christ. The touch factor! You touch […]

Your Story!

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There is something encouraging about listening to someone else sharing their testimony. Sometimes you can relate and other times you just listen in amazement. Your story has the ability to do both – relate and amaze. Your story can also encourage and bless. Share your story today by calling 855 919 KAVX.

Shareathon – What Is It?

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What is Shareathon? The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines Shareathon as… well.. Merriam-Webster doesn’t have a definition. That’s because the meaning of Shareathon can’t be put into words. It’s more like a feeling… or an action. Shareathon is love and trust. Shareathon is charity and hope. Shareathon is giving and praying. Shareathon is a whole lot […]