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PW-Share-Your-StoryIn the spirit of sharing, share with us what way God has used KAVX in your life this year. You tell us often how you love hearing stories about how God works through each prayer. Here’s a note from a listener:

“Today my 11 year old was in the back seat of the car as I had your radio station on… You were talking about “Prayer Works” and mentioned a couple prayer requests. Later, I was in a restaurant with my son and asked him to ask the blessing. He went on with the usual but added this that he had heard on your station in the car… I didn’t realize he was listening so closely… As he said his prayer, he said, “God please help that dude with the tumor.” I just wanted to say thank you for helping me teach my children to pray for others.”

Lives Impacted…

Let us know how God is working through Your Prayers and Stories!

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