Prayerworks for Back to School


It’s a great time to pray for everyone involved with your children’s education. The superintendent, school board, teachers, counselors, bus drivers, crossing guards, security, janitors, cooks, and anyone else that is associated with your children’s school. With school beginning, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask for prayer for your kids and their school. Just share […]

Happy Kids!!!

0731terthankyouschool copy

You’re gift of basic school supplies over the past month have made a big difference for some underprivileged school children for this school year. Boxes were filled all over Lufkin and Nacodgoches. Pencils, spiral notebooks, pens, little scissors, glue, and even new and used school uniforms will all be put to good use! Thank you […]

It Doesn’t Seem Like Much!

0724prischoolsupplies copy

A couple of pencils doesn’t seem like much, until you’re the only school kid without any. That’s why you’re being asked to donate some basic school supplies – to help children that don’t have any. Other items needed are Notebook paper, spirals, little scissors, glue, pens, and new or used school uniforms are all needed. […]