World’s Smallest Caroler Sponsor


  Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to get very serious about sponsoring the World’s Smallest Carolers. Everyone knows it’s a busy hectic time with all the planning, shopping, holiday cooking, and Christmas card sending but it only takes a few minutes to call and sponsor one or more of the World’s […]

World’s Smallest Carolers


  In just few short weeks 31 cherubic voices will ring over the airwaves. You’ll smile… you’ll laugh… and you may shed a tear. It’s the World’s Smallest Carolers and each one is unique and special. And each one needs a sponsor. That can be you! Or perhaps your business, church or organization. Call Kim […]

Sponsor the Holidays


  Soon, you’ll be looking for that pumpkin pie recipe, shopping for the perfect gift, and munching on the goodies that everyone keeps bringing to the office. In your busy holiday schedule, how about adding just one more thing. Get your church, business or organization to underwrite one of the World’s smallest carolers. 31 adorable […]