In the Box

0404sec in the box

Thank you for taking that step of faith and calling during the Giving Celebration. It’s important to call if you have any questions about your gift to 91.9 KAVX. When you called with your pledge, the business office prepared and sent you a letter that says “Thank You” for your involvement. It also shows the […]

The Best Volunteers!

0404ter thank the volunteers

What a successful Giving Celebration because of your volunteer hours before sunrise until after 6pm. You helped before the Celebration began You answered phones You greeted, prayed, served, cleaned, made coffee, picked up food & mailed letters! Thanks to your volunteer hours, the Spring Giving Celebration became a HUGE SUCCESS! Honor the hard work of […]

A Week of Giving Celebration!


A week of giving! A week of giving praise and prayer needs. A week of giving support to your radio station, KAVX. A Giving Celebration gives you an opportunity to get excited about changed lives Share your answered prayer story by calling 800 944 8443. Join the Giving Celebration and share financially at 800 944 8443. […]