Sponsor the World’s Smallest Carolers

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Sponsor Carols of cuteness! You can sponsor 30 seconds of adorableness for just $130 from December 12th-December 25th Anyone can sponsor – grandma’s and grandpa’s, aunts, uncles, and 3rd cousins twice removed on your momma’s side. Plus your church, organization, or business. Call 800 944 8443 for more details or fill in the form.

Sponsor a Caroler

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You hear a cute little child singing, you can’t help it, your heart smiles! Soon 31 little boys and girls will sing Christmas carols beginning December 12th. KAVX calls them the World’s Smallest Carolers. Whether you’re a mom, dad, grandpa or grandma; church, business, or organization! You can sponsors a caroler for only $130! Calling […]