You change lives and make stories!

0928pri story changed life

Everyone has a story to share. When you join the support team you provide hope that can lead to the story of another changed life. “I just remember one time I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a vehicle and I changed my radio. I’ve been listening since then!” You’re gift during Shareathon […]

Easy Giving is Automatic Giving!

0928sec easy giving

Automatically supporting KAVX is called Easy Giving. You determine how much you’d like to give and when. Then it’s automatically transferred from your checking account or charged to your credit card. Again, it’s your choice. When you decide to support through easy giving your gift helps keep the online listening and the iPhone and Android […]

Encourage someone to listen and support

0914pri encourage

Thank you for your support of Kavx. Your gift encourages others to also give. Whether you give $1000, $100, or $10 – your gift shares hope that changes lives. So. what would you say to someone to encourage their support? One listener said this: “First I would ask them if they listened to this radio […]