Stories, Purpose, and Mission


The Giving Celebration always produces stories, a purpose and a mission. Like Angie, a gun shot survivor whose now turned her life back over to God. She became a supporter for the first time today. Or that of a young family that called in and the husband just got his first job out of college […]

Tell Your Story


What a week of giving! What a great time to give praise… and to share prayer needs. A week of giving support to your radio station, KAVX The Giving Celebration gave an opportunity to share Jesus through Christian teaching and talk programs plus Praise & Worship on the weekends. Perhaps you have a story about […]

A Story worth Sharing


Amazing things happen in your life and you know its God. It becomes a story worth sharing. Your testimony encourages, gives hope, and helps others to believe all things are possible. Although KAVX takes your testimony any time, any day, next Monday let’s  honor God with a special day set aside just to share your […]