Share Hope!


Your gift changes lives! Here is a testimony from a listener to give you an idea of just how God does it…. It gets me excited about the day; keeps me in an uplifting mood. He gives me strength and gives me courage to go another day and tell people about what He has done. I’m […]

We’re For the Family!


KAVX is a parent’s friend. The programming is designed to help you grow as a Christian parent, so it is geared more for mature adults…but your children deserve to be included. Saturday mornings have become a mom’s best friend with family-friendly children’s programming like: We Kids and Paws & Tales Stories to Live By and […]

Let’s Take A Look


What does the culture of giving look like? How do you help active giving grow and spread? For you it might mean paying for a meal for the people in the car behind you in the drive-thru. Maybe you would buy another person a cup of coffee or help stock a food pantry. Perhaps provide […]