Calendar of Events

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Fall approaches and the time is right for Fall Festivals, fundraisers, and indoor/outdoor events. The go-to place to get information on family events is the events calendar. You’ll find fundraisers and concerts; bake sales, garage sales, a few school events and much more. The events calendar just happens to be a great place to get […]

Events Change

0418ter events

The seasons constantly change from winter to spring, then to summer and fall, back to winter. Your church and organizational events change with the seasons. Things held indoors in the winter suddenly switch to the outdoors with spring and summer. No matter the season, the KAVX Events page becomes the one place to list your […]

Submit your event

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The Events page has a lot of different things to do for your entire family. You’ll find Fall activities, information on men and women’s conferences, concerts, children’s activities, church events, school fundraisers, and much more. Best of all if your church or non-profit organization is having an event that you would like everyone to know […]