You change lives and make stories!

0928pri story changed life

Everyone has a story to share. When you join the support team you provide hope that can lead to the story of another changed life. “I just remember one time I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a vehicle and I changed my radio. I’ve been listening since then!” You’re gift during Shareathon […]

The Goal

0921pri goal

You may think the goal of Shareathon is $6,600 a month. You are partially right about that, at least from a financial standpoint. But the goal is much more than money. It’s about connect people to a real and loving God through Christian radio and on-line streaming. It’s about prayer. It’s about helping meet the […]


0921sec reach 360

The world use to be a big place. There was a time it would take months to hear the news from half way around the world. Now it’s almost instantaneous. And reaching around the world with the Good News would involve men and women with months of training to be led to the missionary field. […]