It Takes a Team to Build


Building a home requires different materials and skilled workers to work together to make a complete structure. Wood and carpenters, pvc and plumbers, wire and electricians, and brick and masons all working as a team – each is a building block. KAVX is just one building block too – working alongside churches, businesses, non-profits and […]

Giving at the End of the Year

1228pri giving

Your gift brings the message of love to the world every day. God uses your generosity to expand His kingdom and spread peace on earth. Even though Christmas is over, please put KAVX on your gift giving list. Your gift this month spreads Christ love well into the New Year! As a New Year begins, […]

The Year is Soon Ending!

1214sec year end

Every passing minute of every day, you receive ministry from KAVX You can almost hear the clock ticking down to the end of 2015. Between now and December 31st you can send your tax-deductible gift to the ministry for this year for credit on next year’s taxes. Those who have given or gotten involved – […]