What you hear!


If you are an early riser, you may want some company. Listen to the classic teaching of J Vernon McGee and Through the Bible, weekday mornings at 4am. Lunchtime rolls around. Where to go and what to eat? Whatever you have for lunch, enjoy it with a generous helping of Winning Walk and Dr. Ed […]

How Does KAVX Change Your Life?


God changes lives Here is what some listeners had to say: “I listen to it every morning when I’m walking and it just encourages me!” “It gives me strength and courage to go another day and tell others what He has done!” “Every day you have people that are disgusted with life. All you have […]

How does your gift change lives?


Here is what a listener said recently… You might not know who you are touching at that moment but God does. You touch lives every day through 91.9 KAVX. When you give to God He gives back to you. And this radio station is such an uplifting thing. I mean…I love it. I absolutely think […]