Are You Looking for Fulfillment?

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You can be part of a movement to share hope that changes lives. You can connect people to a real and loving God. And you can serve others by being real! Where can you find fulfillment by doing all these things? By joining the Krew. You’ll join many others with the same love of Christ […]

Join the KREW

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The Krew could be a gang of bikers! Or it could be a bunch of pirates! The Krew could be several politicians sitting around. Maybe the Krew could be a baseball team from Walla Walla, Washington. But the Krew isn’t any of those things. The Krew is a group of volunteers made up of people […]

Volunteers Are Awesome!

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What can you do to help during this busy time of year? Volunteer! There is more need for volunteers to help minister to others. KAVX will be at the Texas State Forest Festival in September… Then Shareathon takes place in October. Your help is needed! Call and talk with Jenn today about volunteering. 800 944 […]