Life Changing


Giving… more than a reason… it’s a life changing experience. One listener shared how his life wasn’t going well and he was told about KAVX at his company Bible study. He began listening and now KAVX is all he listens to! Giving is being Jesus the world, as one listener put it, “you may be […]

Connecting to God

0919pri connecing to God

When you join the Fall Giving Celebration the week of October 3rd,  you will hear what God does for you and others through KAVX. When you listen, you’re connected to a real and loving God. When you give, you’re connecting others to a real and loving God. The Giving Celebration need of 276 new donors […]

Why Give?

0328pri why give

Why join the Giving Celebration and support KAVX? One listener said,  “We listen to it every day. It is a major part of our lives. And we’ve been listening for years now. We love y’all. Can’t do without y’all!” Giving changes lives and restores hope to a hopeless world through the programming & music – […]